The Documentary

The very fabric of our society depends on the efforts of individual citizens to voluntarily reach out to those in need and lend a helping hand. This is especially true during difficult economic times such as we are witnessing now. The documentary program The Power of Giving: Stories of Volunteerism, features eight inspirational stories of individuals who have committed themselves to on-going volunteer projects in their communities. The volunteers profiled include an 82 year-old doctor who cares for patients in a free health clinic, a 46 year-old business analyst who tutors children in a homeless shelter and a 16 year-old high school sophomore who helps care for hospice residents.

Each of these stories demonstrates the incredible positive benefits that volunteer actions bring not only to the lives of those being served, but to those performing the volunteer service!

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Volunteer-A-Thon: How You Can Make A Difference

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Each volunteer profile segment in The Power of Giving: Stories of Volunteerism will lead into a live 15-minute “pledge” break in the CPTV Studio. During these breaks, representatives and volunteers from 16 nonprofit organizations will be in the studio to answer pledge phones and take part in interviews about their respective organizations. Viewers will learn about various non-profit organizations in Connecticut and current volunteer opportunities that are available. Viewers are encouraged to call to ask questions and provide their name to the organization(s) to which they would consider donating their time and skills. In the days following the broadcast, participating organizations will follow-up with callers to match their needs with the skills and availability of the potential volunteer.

During the program, viewers can call 1-877-96-2JOIN (1-877-962-5646). After the program airs, viewers can dial 2-1-1.

The Power of Giving is a year-long Connecting Our Communities initiative dedicated to promoting awareness of volunteerism, philanthropy and community service. Last fall, we launched this initiative with On Watch, a two-hour live broadcast of a “volunteer-a-thon” and a documentary focusing public attention on the critical need for emergency support service volunteers statewide. So far, On Watch has generated 500 volunteer leads—more than these organizations on their own could generate in two years.