Myth: “Mental illnesses cannot affect me or my family.”
Fact: Mental illnesses do not discriminate. They affect almost every family in America.

Myth: “Once people develop mental illnesses, they will never recover.”
Fact: Studies show that most people with mental illnesses get better, and many recover completely.

Shattering the myths and replacing them with facts, and removing stigma and breaking down barriers to full participation in the community are the goals of Opening Doors, Opening Minds. The new multi-part, television series shines the light on a subject that often remains taboo even in the 21st century. Through compelling personal stories of Connecticut residents and insightful interviews with experts, each in-depth episode illustrates how mental health is essential to overall health — and why it should be addressed with the same urgency as physical health. The series vividly demonstrate that recovery from mental illness is indeed possible, and can change perceptions and transform attitudes in the community.