Steve Wolfberg

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Steve Wolfberg
Wed, 03/21/2012 - 04:00
It used to be an advertiser would say, you know 'Here's what I got, what do ya want?' And now the consumers are saying 'Here's what I need, what do ya got?' So the power has really shifted to the consumer.

Chief Creative Officer of Cronin and Company speaks with CPBN Media Lab
By Brian Johnson
Published: Mar 19, 2012

Steve has been creating compelling and memorable advertising for over 30 years for national brands such as Amica Insurance, Benihana, Konica Minolta, MasterCard and Tractor Supply Company, as well as local and regional icons like the Connecticut Lottery, Bertucci’s Restaurants and Northeast Utilities.

As one of the owners of Cronin and Company, Steve has helped lead the agency to its fifth straight ranking as Connecticut’s Top Ad Agency and Top 10 in New England. As Cronin’s Chief Creative Officer, it’s Steve’s responsibility to assure the agency’s work gets noticed, gets remembered and gets results. He does it by forging an emotional connection with the target audience through messages that touch the heart, the soul – and sometimes, the funny bone.

Steve has made numerous appearances on ESPN, giving his expert commentary on Super Bowl ads. He’s also a frequent guest on NBC-TV 30 and on Connecticut’s leading radio station, WTIC-AM. Steve lives with his wife and two children in Avon, Connecticut. His mother still wonders why his name isn’t seen after his commercials, like it would be if he wrote "something important", like a movie or a TV show.