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Wed, 02/29/2012 - 15:00
Founder of Artist for World Peace

What first attracted me to Interview Wendy, was her peace work. Many artists SAY that they're peace activist and want to spread peace throughout the world, but not many actually follow through on that. Mrs. Black-Nasta did. Her work with Artist for World peace is incredibly inspiring and motivational. During the interview I was able to delve deeper into her psyche and what I found was one of the most intriguing people you will ever meet.

Wendy Black-Nasta, founder and executive director of Artists for World Peace, has been a jewelry designer for museums, galleries, and art collectors worldwide since 1977. Her work has been featured in Sak’s Fifth Ave., Macy’s, Jacobson’s Department Stores, and I. Magnin’s. For many years, her work has also included sacred objects for churches, Buddhist monasteries, and temples in America, Hong Kong, and Europe. Wendy has also been a one of a kind designer for hundreds of clients through the Diamond District in Manhattan since the late 70′s.

Like jewelry designing, dedication to peace and human equality has been central to Black-Nasta’s life work for more than three decades. She founded Artists for World Peace in 2003 as a way to further international peace and unity through the arts. Black-Nasta designed the International Peace Belt, Artists for World Peace’s first major project, as a living link joining all peoples and cultures in a common bond of peace. Nearly a decade later, the foundation’s work has expanded to twenty two countries on five continents, where Artists for World Peace has helped build schools, created safe houses for battered women and children, and sponsored the living and educational expenses of dozens of children.

For Wendy, her work fits into her life and she views her roles as wife,mother, artist, and peace activist as a unified experience in life’s journey.

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My personal fantasy as a child, I know its odd, but I wanted to build orphanages
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