Teens: Behind the Wheel

A one hour documentary that takes an unprecedented look at what actually happens when newly licensed teenagers drive.

For the production, six boys and four girls from Greater Hartford, all of whom had just earned their driver¹s licenses, agreed to have video cameras mounted to the windshields of their cars for six months. The palm-sized cameras had one lens aimed at the road and another lens pointed at the driver. Any sudden change in the vehicle¹s movement triggered the camera to record 20 seconds of footage, starting a few seconds before the incident actually occurred. The 4- by 6-inch cameras were installed by Drivecam, a California-based company.

"The results were absolutely dramatic and what was revealed on tape was far more shocking than anyone could imagine," said Jennifer Boyd, producer, director and writer of the project.

Boyd regularly downloaded and compiled hundreds of hours of video footage from each teen's car for the documentary.

"During the production, the cameras recorded numerous crashes and traffic violations. However, the cameras were not intended to catch kids behaving badly, but to give viewers an accurate idea of what happens in and around a
teenager's car during the first six months of driving," Boyd said.

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